Remote access to machines’ condition is not a challenge anymore.

Monosens dashboard is a cloud-based software which is available everywhere and on every device from desktop computers to your smartphone. Login to your account to monitor the health score of machines and their condition, easily and remotely.

  • Diagnosing machine failures remotely
  • Predicting machine failures
  • Detecting anomalies


Collect data in large scale.

Connectivity is a challenge in industrial IoT solutions especially, in large areas. Monosens gateway is a software-based mesh networking implemented on a SOC which helps you to implement a cheap wireless network to connect sensors to the internet and transfer data to the cloud.

  • Implementable in large scale
  • Self-healing
  • Self-optimizing

Connect Equipment and Capture Data.

Capture real-time data.

By embedding the wireless, battery-powered Monosens sensor into the body of the machine, parameters such as vibration, temperature, and rotation can be captured accurately to be sent to the cloud.

• 3 Axis vibration sensor
• Update over the air
• Long battery life
• Self-test