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Why Wireless in Harsh Industrial Environments?

Wireless connectivity and Industry 4.0 are commonly used when referring to current industrial trends, but there’s still a mistrust towards wireless solutions. The primary reason is that many wireless devices in brown-field installations are based on wireless protocols that were not originally designed for harsh industrial applications and hence not working in a reliable way.
In the past, wired sensors were the only reliable option for an industrial plant or a manufacturing site. Many still believe that for a system to be reliable, flexible and easy, it needs to be wired. But if you take a closer look at your wired systems – are you faced with expensive cables, time consuming installation work and high labor cost, limitations in scalability and maintenance?

The wireless technology of today is so intelligent that wireless sensors in a perfectly applied mesh network are even more reliable and easy to maintain than wired solutions. The use of wireless technologies in the industry offer many advantages. Monosens low-power wireless mesh, enables the installation of sensors in places where in the past they were not easily deployed, for instance on industrial machinery in harsh environments.

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