Monosens has focused to create a long-term business-based relationship between customers and equipment manufacturers for maintenance and aftermarket services.

Monosens Technology

The Product

Process our system to solve problems

Monosens gives you an online dashboard including technical data about machines, their health score, and the remaining lifetime of their parts.

Start the Process
1 . Wireless Sensors

motor tl-min


sensor tl-min


Detecting early-stage machines’ failures and collecting data in factories

2 . Process the Data

Forecasting the remaining useful lifetime of machines

3 . Sharing the Data

The data is shared among spare parts suppliers, machines’ manufacturers

4 . Automatic Notification

Failures will be notified in advance

Monosens Technology

What are its Benefits?

The benefits of using a monosense system for you

Customer satisfaction

Making a long-term relationship-based business

Proactive services

Serve customers proactively

Reducing costs

Reducing unplanned downtime (70%)

Main Features

  • Implementation in Large Scale
  • Long-range Data Collection(Lora)
  • Spare Parts Inventory Management
  • Machines’ Health Score
  • Diagnosing Problem and the Type of Problem
  • Remaining Lifetime of Machines and their Parts