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How Monosens Help Spare Parts Suppliers?

How Monosens Help Spare Parts Suppliers?

How Monosens help spare parts suppliers?

Imagine you are a bearing supplier and every month you distribute many bearings with different sizes and brands to local retailers.
To manage your inventory cost and prevent overstocking or understocking you should know how many bearings will need your customers in the next months.

Monosens tell you how is the condition of machines and their bearings around you, regionally and globally. By having this real-time data, Monosens estimate the remaining lifetime of these machines and their parts and tell you which one and when should be replaced.

This is not the end of what Monosens do for you, but also you will be connected to factories or the owners of these machines for giving them the best price and delivering time of spare parts which need to be replaced.

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